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Jessica Fridrich Jessica Fridrich
  • Secure Image Encryption Based on Chaos, US Patent 6,064,738, May 16, 2000. A new, efficient private-key encryption technique based on two-dimensional chaotic maps.
  • Secure Encryption and Hiding of Data - Secure Message Hiding in Images. An efficient, secure method for hiding of secret information inside digital images. US Patent 6,094,483, July 25, 2000.
  • Digital watermarking by adding random, smooth patterns. US Patent 6,101,602, August 8, 2000. The image is watermarked by overlaying a key-dependent pattern over the image. The pattern is generated by a pseudo-random number generator, processed by cellular automaton, and smoothened.
  • Lossless Embedding in Digital Images. New method for lossless embedding of information in digital images. The distortion due to embedding can be removed after message extraction. Date of conception: June 30, 2000, application submitted in September 2001 (co-inventors Miroslav Goljan and Rui Du)
  • Accurate and Reliable LSB Steganography Detection. Previously undetectable schemes can be accurately identified with this new technique. The accuracy and sensitivity of the new technique is 100 times better when compared to the previous state-of-the-art. Date of conception: December 10, 2000, application submitted in July 2001, (co-inventor Miroslav Goljan)